Vision and Mission

The mission of the Geomatics Engineering Department of ITU is;

  1. to educate leading engineers and scientists who
    • have a culture to work together,
    • have respect for the people,
    • understand the recent development and use it,
    • adopt the professional development,
    • are creative, and take on responsibility
  2. to produce professional knowledge to meet the needs of stakeholders and society,
  3. to continue to be the center of development of geomatics.

The methods toward achieving the mission are:

  • an intensive cooperation with national and international professional organizations
  • a healthy, sustainable dialog infrastructure between related parties: students, academic members, alumni and employers
  • continued development of the educational program
  • improvement in technical and physical infrastructure

The Vision of Geomatics Engineering Program is:

To sustain and strengthen the leading role in education and research at national level and to advance the international reputation to the highest.