Research Topics

  • Design, optimization, installation, measurement, analysis, control, densification, and enhancement of geodetic networks.
  • Definition of 4-dimensional terrestrial coordinate systems, establishment of reference networks, association of spatial information with these networks, and monitoring their changes through time.
  • Global positioning, geodetic measurements with satellite systems, navigation systems, crustal deformation monitoring.
  • Geographical information systems, acquisition, design, and online sharing of data, small-scale map and atlas production.
  • Graphical symbols and symbol properties on map and map-like displays, studies on graphical design, plotting, and using procedures of maps.
  • Use of remotely sensed data in agricultural, environmental, coastal, urban, and forestry studies; production of medium and large-scale topographical base maps.
  • Preparation of large-scale maps and plans, development of land improvement plans, real estate assessment, rural land management, easement rights, cadastral applications.
  • Photographic measurements for documentation, measured drawing, and retrofitting of historical and cultural structures.
  • Route mapping, horizontal and vertical cross-sectioning, and applicaiton of highways, railways, pipelines and similar engineering structures.